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ROBINAIR Cool-Tech 34134Z Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
The Cool-Tech 34134Z recovers, recycles, evacuates, and recharges R-134a refrigerant quickly and accurately.
Features include:
  • Automatic recovery/recharge by weight
  • Programmable vacuum time intervals
  • Maintenance prompts
  • Manual air purge
  • Oil drain
  • Oil inject
  • Electronic scale
  • Internal storage vessel
  • Internal manifold

Mechanics Buddy 3 in 1 Parts Washer


    110V. Operation with GFI protection. High volume heavy duty pump and motor. Insulated cabinet and reservoir. Low water cut off for heating element. Over 30 spray jets for full coverage. Reservoir holds 20 gallons of cleaner. 15 Minute cycle timer. Heavy duty ball bearing casters. E.T.L. Listed


IR-231H - 1/2" Super Duty Air Impact Wrench
  • 450 ft.-lbs. maximum torque.
    Pressure feed system provides continuous lubrication.
  • Variable power control in forward and reverse.
  • Increased durability, quieter operation, and more comfortable handle contour.

1/2" Super Duty Air Impact Wrench
  • Bring out the “big gun” for tire-changing, shock and spring work, front end work, and other heavy automotive and truck work. The Twin Hammer impact mechanism pumps out 500 ft.-lbs. torque at a free speed of 7,000 rpm to get the job done fast.
  • Powerful, with smooth, balanced blows.
  • Good control: excellent balance and a variable speed trigger.
  • More horsepower for extra torque output.
  • Pressure Feed Lubrication System automatically greases the impact mechanism.


IR-2135TI - 1/2" Titanium 'N' Torque Ultra-Duty Impact Wrench
  • Titanium ‘N’ Torque from Ingersoll Rand. The combination will blow you away.Titanium weighs less, provides greater durability
  • Enhanced Twin Hammer impact mechanism for fast removal of frozen bolts
  • Professional touch trigger for ultimate power control
    7-vane motor delivers 1,000 ft.-lbs. of Nut Busting Torque and 700 ft.-lbs. of traditional torque output.
  • Four-position power management control
  • Push button forward/reverse controls for one-handed operation
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort and improved grip control
  • Through-handle exhaust; 360-degree swivel inlet

IR-285 - 1" Heavy Duty, Air Impact Wrench

The new IR285 model combines exceptional power, durability, and operator convenience. It delivers 1,450 ft.-lbs. of maximum torque, with a 5,000 rpm free speed and high efficiency, 6-vane motor. The integral 360 degree swivel inlet makes kinked hoses a thing of the past, and along with the swept-back side handle, provides excellent maneuverability.

  • Superior balance; "angled-down" exhaust.
  • 1,450 ft.-lbs. maximum torque.
  • High efficiency 6-vane air motor.
  • Three-position power regulator.

IR-7802 - 3/8" Heavy Duty Air Drill

With its industrial grade 3/8" chuck, this economical choice includes high quality features for general drilling and hole sawing jobs. The planetary gear reduction balances the load on bearings and gears for increased tool life.

  • Variable speed throttle.
  • Lightweight, compact drill.
  • Handles smoothly.

IR-7803 - 1/2" Heavy Duty Air Drill

Here's the economical choice for power, a high quality air drill designed for drilling, hole sawing, cylinder honing, and any other job that calls for a ½" size. It's quality features for long life, include the industrial grade ½" chuck, ball and needle bearing construction, and double reduction planetary gearing..

No-load speed of 500 rpm.
Auxiliary side handle.


IR-7807 - 3/8" Standard Duty Angle Air Drill
  • One in a new family of economical, standard duty tools choice
  • for service work requiring a compact, low profile angle head.

  • It's a durable, reliable tool for drilling in all types of materials, including sheet metal, wood, and composites.


IR-212 - 3/8" Super Duty, Air Impact Wrench

Tremendous power and longer life make this wrench the popular choice of professional mechanics for exhaust systems, air conditioning, radiators, body shop, and bench work. Still the most powerful 3/8" pistol-grip on the market, it offers all the advantages of the Single Hammer impact mechanism for removing and replacing bolts up to 7/16" without a struggle.

  • Power up to 180 ft.-lbs.
  • Unaffected by air pressure changes.
  • More torque, less vibration.
  • Pistol-style yet extremely compact and lightweight
  • Built-in power regulator prevents over-torquing.
  • Handle exhaust.

IR-2135QTI - 1/2" Ultra Duty Titanium Air Impact Wrench
  • Titanium weighs less, provides greater durability
  • Enhanced Twin Hammer impact mechanism for fast removal of frozen bolts
  • Push button forward/reverse controls for one-handed operation
  • Torque range:50-600ft./lbs., 625ft/lbs max.(forward),700ft./lbs.max(reverse)

LB-235 B-Series Hose Reels
  • For applications where shorter,low volume hoses are used such as auto-truck service garages.
  • For all air applications as well as anti-freeze, motor oil.ATF and grease.
  • Single set screw to access spring casing.
  • Drive spring mechanismlubricated for life .
  • One piece combination latch,spring arbor,main bearing and spool support for fewer moving parts.
  • Brass swivel reduces corrosion potential.
  • Durable powder coated finish.

CP-873K - Low Speed Tire Buffer Kit
  • Quick change slip chuck
  • Lock-off throttle to prevent accidental start up.
  • Rear exhaust directs air away from workpiece.
  • Built-in regulator matches speed to job.
  • Applications: tire patchwork, roughing areas for recapping and cleaning tire moldings.
  • Free speed: 2800 rpm

ROBINAIR Cool-Tech 34700Z
  • The Cool-Tech 34700Z recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests, and recharges R-134a quickly and accurately.
  • Fully automatic function lets you recover, vacuum, leak test, charge, and then walk away

OTC STINGER 1788 22-Ton Capacity Under-Axle Jack
  • One pull of the handle activates the self-retracting 22-ton capacity ram.
  • Long 49" T-handle for easy positioning under vehicles with long overhangs.
  • Jack has large rubber-tired wheels.
  • Lifting range: 8" min. height, max height 17" with adapter. Includes four adapters.
  • Cylinder stroke is 4-3/4", PSI range is 90-145.

Hein-Werner Automotive HW93731
20 Ton Truck Jack
  • Large rubber wheels enhance mobility
  • Automatic valve prevents overloading
  • Extension screw permits pickup height adjustment

Hein-Werner Automotive HW93733 - 20 Ton Truck Jack
  • Compact, powerful design quickly lifts rated capacity
  • Large 8” rubber wheels
  • Low height allows lifting from axle or suspension
  • Pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • Rapid two-speed air hydraulic action quickly advances ram to load
  • Chrome plated plunger for extended jack life

Hein-Werner Automotive HW93657 - 4 Ton Service Jack
  • Dual piston action provides speed to contact and power to lift
  • Handle adjusts to three pumping positions
  • Extra long chassis for hard to reach points
  • T handle with release knob for ease of positioning and load control

Hein-Werner Automotive HW93642 - 2 Ton Service Jack
  • One piece handle
  • Flanged side plates increase strength
  • In-line pump provides efficient pumping operation
  • Full swivel rear casters for easy positioning
  • Sealed hydraulic pump for durability
  • Pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • Cast iron lift arm for heavy duty loads
  • U-joint mechanism for precise load control

25-Ton Under Axle Jack
  • With its low 8" minimum working height, and 53" handle, positioning is easy.
  • Lifting range: 8" min. height, screw
  • retracted; 18" max. height, screw e
  • xtended; 12-7/8" min. height, screw
  • extended; 13-1/8" max. height, screw retracted.
  • Maximum lifting height is 21" when using the optional No. 220972 three-inch lifting extension.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI PALD standards.

OTC 3-Ton FloorBoss
  • With its 3-ton capacity and 24" of lift, the No. 1732 easily handles both SUVs and autos.
  • The foam pad and 17-degree stop angle handle virtually eliminate damage to the vehicle.
  • Features flanged edges, both top and bottom, to resist tipping. Sturdy 5/16" plate thickness ensures long life.
  • 4-1/4" retracted height; 30-1/2" long chassis; 4-1/4" to 24" lifting range; 6-1/2" saddle diameter; 6-1/2" frame height.

OTC 2-Ton Service Jack
  • The strongest jack frame in its class; features flanged edges, both top and bottom, to resist twisting.
  • 3-3/4" retracted height, 30" lg. chassis, and 48" lg. handle ensure this jack goes where you need it to go!
  • 3-3/4" to 22-3/4" lifting range; 6" saddle dia.; 27" overall reach; 6-1/2" frame height.
  • Sealed cylinder prevents contamination of hydraulic system.

  • Unsurpassed speed to load – extends to maximum height in just 3 strokes!
  • Fastest fully-loaded rise available – provides more than 1" of lift per stroke under maximum loading!
  • Widest lift range available – from 3-3/4" to 22-1/2". It even gets SUVs off the ground!
  • Durable foam handle cover protects the vehicle from dents and scratches!
  • Features a pinned saddle to prevent lift-off when removing load!
  • 31" long frame reaches where you need it.
  • Meets ANSI-Pald specification.

700100X - FuelJET SKYE FuelJET
  • Reduce tailpipe emissions by up to 70%, Increase Fuel economy up to 27% and restore output horsepower by up to 45%!
  • Complete DeCarbonization and cleaning of Intake Valves, Injectors, Injector Screens, Fuel Rail, Air Intake Tract, Throttle Plate, Manifold Runners, Catalytic Converter, Exhaust Valves, Oxygen Sensors and EGR system.
  • Built in diagnostic features – Fuel Volume, Fuel System Leakdown, Injector Flow, Fuel Pressure, Pressure Regulator, Pump & Vacuum System Tests.
  • Adaptable for US or Foreign made engines – Including Leaded / Unleaded, Gasoline/Petrol or diesel engine
  • Extensively tested at General Motors Proving Ground Vehicle Laboratory USA!

TransJET Part #  400100X
  • Effortlessly and Efficiently exchanges new fluid for used fluid.
  • Exchanges used fluid from the Torque Converter, Pump, Pan, Cooler and Cooler Lines.
  • Allows pan drop and filter change before or after fluid exchange.
  • Allows evacuation of the transmission pan through the dipstick tube with the standard retrieval wand before the pan is dropped to prevent spillage when inspecting condition of the transmission without performing a fluid exchange.
  • Refill the transmission pan through the dipstick tube after the pan is reinstalled with either new or used fluid.
  • Quick indication of fluid flow for verifying proper hookup to perform the fluid exchange.
  • Holds up to 20 quarts new fluid and 20 quarts used fluid.

SKYE CoolJET 2 Tank (10 Gallon) - 600100X
  • Exchanges the fluid through radiator cap, reservoir or upper radiator hose.
  • Operates with or without Shop Air
  • Universal Vacuum Nozzle, No adapters to stock
  • Energy Saving, No Electricity or Batteries Required
  • No Drains to Open and No Spills on Shop Floor
  • Simple function selection for complete Coolant System Flush
  • No Assembly Required
  • No software or electrical components to breakdown.
  • Also available in a Heavy Duty / Large Capacity with 40 gallon capacity. (Includes larger hoses and adapters)

SKYE Blue Series Single Refrigerant
A/C Service Centers

• Simple controls with function indicator lights that follow the  job sequence.
• Vacuum pump timer - 5 to 60 minutes.
• 25 micron, 5 CFM high performance vacuum pump.
• Automatic NCG detection and purge.
• Compressor oil service port.
• Analog hour meter to determine filter change intervals.
• Easy "Spin On" filter change.
• Programmable charging scale with .5 oz. resolution and heavy duty load cell.
• Vapor and/or liquid recovery with single pass recycling.
• Oil charge on vacuum side.
• Tank Full indicator light
• Ships complete with (1) 30 lb. (13.6 Kg.) dual valve storage tank and appropriate gauge set.


SKY9534 - R134a Service Center
• Fully automatic R134a recovery, vacuum and recharge  service center
• Can be programmed to automatically recover, vacuum and recharge without stopping between functions
• Vacuum leak test after evacuation informs technician of possible leak in system
• Automatic air purge
• On-board oil injection let's you add oil quickly
• Automatic oil drain
• Refrigerant charging from high side, low side or both
• Programmable electronic scale
• Durable and rugged design with tool tray
• 50lb storage tank
• 25 micron -- 5 CFM high performance vacuum pump
• Easy “spin on” filter change
• Large LCD display for easy viewing

500100X Power Steering Fluid Flush and Exchange

Operates with Shop Air
• Effortlessly and efficiently exchanges used fluid for new fluid
• 3 Gallon Capacity
• Energy Saving, No Electricity or Batteries Required
• No Drains to Open and No Spills on Shop Floor
• No Assembly Required


SKYE brakeJET 800200X
  • Comprehensive hydraulic brake system service: cleaning plus diagnostics in 10-12 minutes
  • Flushes system with pulsating pressure at the master cylinder reservoir and vacuum at all four bleeders at once.
  • Simply computer interfac
  • Four wheel construction for easy mobility with locking front swivel casters
  • Capacity for a 5 Gallon New fluid container
  • Built in 8 gallon waste container
  • Complete adapter set covers most domestic and import passenger and light truck applications

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